Whether you need career guidance to help you deal with a particular
issue or ongoing support throughout your search, our certified career
coaches are here to support you. Here are a few of our popular
coaching packages:


My Personal Coach

Need multiple coaching sessions? Includes four hours of career coaching, customized based on your individual needs. May include a combination of any of our coaching services, including interview coaching, salary negotiations boot camp, career action plan, job search 101, and career-life coaching.

Interview and Salary Negotiations Training

Ready to face interview situations and get the salary you deserve? Work with a career coach for two intense one-hour sessions. You will get prepared for the tough interview questions and learn how to negotiate the salary you want. This could be the best investment of your career.

Top 3 Strategies to Jump-start Your Job Search

The job search landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Learn strategies that work in today’s job market as well as tips to maximizing the use of your time. In two one-hour sessions, you will learn strategies to get an edge in a competitive job market.

What’s the Best Direction for You?

Are you at a crossroads and need guidance on the best direction to take your career? Discover career options that correspond with your values, priorities, skills, and interests. Through the use of Elevations, the premier Career Discovery Tool, and a one-hour coaching session, you’ll discover the best career path for this point in your journey.

Customize Your Plan with Hourly Coaching Sessions

Invest in coaching services on an hourly basis. Coaching services include:

  • Interview Success Coaching: Would you like to tame the jitters that come before and during job interviews? Need to hone your skills to increase your chance of receiving a job offer? Work with a career coach to ensure successful interview outcomes.
  • Salary Negotiations Boot Camp: Are you earning what you’re worth? Do you know how to negotiate the compensation package that you deserve? Do you dread monetary discussions? Our coach will show you how to win at the salary negotiations game.
  • Career Action Plan: If you are in career transition and ready to pursue new options, our career coach will help you develop a strategic plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Job Search 101: Don’t know where to start? Has it been a while since you’ve searched for a new position? Our coach will provide you with practical tools and strategies to get your foot in the door and get hired.
  • Career-Life Coaching: Career-life coaching is customized to meet your specific needs. Are you trying to find life-work balance? Do you need help finding your passion? Do you need help dealing with a difficult boss or employee? What do you need to do to move up the corporate ladder? How do you overcome career obstacles? Work with a coach to solve your challenging career issues.

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